The to-do list a barista in Quebec City wrote me

Who knows a city better than the people who live there? Really no one.

When Corynne and I asked the barista at Cantook what he recommends for us to fill our weekend with, he sat down with us and wrote a list:

La Buvette Scott This is the restaurant he suggested we visit. It has a menu that changes weekly and many of the reviews online are wonderful. If a local includes only one restaurant on his list of recommendations, you better go. Calling ahead is your best bet if you want to guarantee yourself a table, the restaurant is pretty small on the inside. Please send me pictures of all the delicious food when you go? I’m in need of a good charcuterie plate.

Le Cercle This is definitely something that I was excited to learn about. Its a bar, and eatery, and has live shows every night. I believe it even has an art gallery here too? The barista told us the weekend we were there had some awesome shows lined up, but if you want to see who is playing for your trip you can check out their site here. Looking at their website is so inspiring, it just makes me want to create- I love places like that!

Ferry rides Obviously, Quebec City in on a river. So there is the incredible option to have a relaxing ferry ride. I would say it probably seems like a great place for a picnic? Or if you have a morning to fill before heading out and about in the city. It sounds like the most relaxing way to appreciate the city while also saving your poor feet from walking all over!

Plains d’Abraham This a beautiful and massive park, located on the site of the famous battle between France and England in 1759. This area is full of flowers, walking paths and vistas. I highly recommend getting a coffee and some pastries to go and setting up breakfast in this park. The gorgeous morning air will wake you up just as much as the amazing coffee.

3rd Avenue, Limoilou Now you’ve heard me rave about Saint Roch, but Limoilou is another one of Quebec City’s incredible neighborhoods. We were told to check out 3rd avenue, which has some super flippin adorable shops and restaurants available. The 1st avenue is going to get you some nice historic views and the 2nd features the incredibly adorable spiral staircases.

Rue Cartier Corynne and I managed this one by accident while looking for an ATM. Suddenly there were massive lampshades everywhere? And really cute shops and restaurants? This street, close to Mont Calm, is a great area to explore for a few hours and have a few great photo ops.



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