Ile d’Orleans, slow downnnnnnnnn

I’m currently debating whether or not I want to write this post. When I was planning my trip I felt like I kept reading about this little island trying to prepare things to do. That’s not really how it works. This island really made me feel free, I didn’t have reservations nor did I have to ask anyone to move so I could get the perfect shot. Corynne and I just drove and looked and listened.

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We went to the island twice. It’s a lot bigger than I expected, so it takes about two hours to go around the island without stopping. There are hand painted signs telling you that countless people are selling chocolates, wine, berries and jam. We drove around half one day and then half the next day, which is hard to describe since it’s just one road. The second day we came back at a sunset-y time, which was beautiful. we drove around and stopped once, we tried to find like the best one spot to stop, but I almost feel like it was so much better seeing it all roll past me while an amazing album played.

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We stopped at a gas station and then suddenly, Corynne said she wanted to stop at this beautiful statue of a man playing a guitar. As we parked and stopped, it was a moment that I felt was so impactful. The trip was definitely impactful outside of this moment, it was the first trip Corynne and I had taken as adults. We grew up together and it just felt very much like a movie-ending moment. The sky was beautiful, we had cameras and laughs and the air smelled so fresh.

quebec - 32 of 41quebec - 26 of 41

We stopped. We needed to get food and gas and to pack the car. But we stopped and we looked at the world and it was a beautiful experience.

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