I can say that in a few languages now.

Hello my dear friends! I’m so glad to have you here. I’m Alyssa. I’m twenty-two years old and living in Kentucky. In one year I plan to move to France and never ever look back. Yeah, that was two years ago. Guess what? I lived in Kentucky for two years, turned down a chance to move to France so I could save money, spent time slaving away at Starbucks, and moved to China. I still want to move to France one day, but it’s a ten step process. I love the world, I love meeting new people, trying to learn new languages, and drinking coffee everywhere and anywhere.

Want a travel guide? I’ve got ’em. Want a big photo dumb full of things I saw this past month? I have that too. I hope you’ll be inspired by my rambles and go out to see your own world in a new way.

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