Before we get into this lengthy post, a little background: in 2012 my parents moved to Geneva Switzerland. It radically changed my life. Before that I didn’t have this desire to travel, now I’m ridiculous. Sometimes I plan trips just for fun or for friends. Which brings us to why I’m posting this. My friend Meredith is going to visit Geneva, and she asked me for recommendations. I figured that wow, this would be a great time to make a nice blog post.

Since Geneva is so small, it’s not a huge deal for picking left bank and right bank when you book your stay. It’s a very walkable city, but more than that the transportation system is pretty simple for tourists to figure out. You can also receive a Geneva Transport card from your hotel or hostel when you arrive–which is sweeeeet. It gives you free travel on the buses, trams, and boats for the duration of your stay.

I also know you’re going to want to refuel, especially if you are going by Geneva on foot. A new coffee shop I have been told so many things about has popped up: Coutume cafe.  It’s so nice to know the coffee shop culture is growing in Geneva. When I return I will probably run there instantly because my list of Geneva coffee shops needs some updating.


MAMCO : Most amazing modern art museum. I freaking love it. There are sometimes events there which are cool. There are smaller museums next to it. Really really cool art scene. Have I said cool enough? One time they had a jelly fish themed party?!

PAPIER GRAS : Here is this cool book/art store and its kind of in the middle of the water. There is also a really cool book store and a cheese bar next door to it, but the cheese bar might be too expensive. I never went there, I only admired. This is close to MAMCO and near a cool student area (Planpalais).

MARTIN BODMER MUSEUM: Okay, this one is kind of weird but its like really old manuscripts and books. It has copies of Madam Curie’s journals and the oldest Gutenburg bible in Switzerland! It’s right by my (old) neighborhood, the oldest area of Geneva. Lord Byron’s house and Mary Shelley’s house, which are not museums, but are very interesting to walk near, aren’t too far away and worth the stroll. There is also a tea shop nearby. I would suggest stopping in the tea shop to get some sweets to go (à émporter), and then eating them in a little overlook near Auberge du Lion d’Or.



USINE: Coolest place to go (that I know of). Kind of expensive, but mainly okay. DISCLAIMER: This place is amazing, but the walk to it is kind of scary because there are drug dealers out, but they are really nice drug dealers. Like one offered me an umbrella once when it was raining. You can probably find a group of people walking there and join with them or something if you are feeling iffy.

PLAINPALAIS: This is this diamond area that you can see on the map on Geneva. there is a skate park and a circus there all year round, which is something I have never understood. Each Wednesday and Saturday and every first Sunday of the month since 1970, the Plaine de Plainpalais, I have found old newspapers, old cameras, and old socks here, so that is pretty wonderful. There is also a bar called L’Elefant dans la Cannette, and that bar (and other ones around it) are cool and pretty fun. I always found a lot of young people there, so it is definitely worth checking out. Keep your eyes peeled for a record shop.



Okay, now friends also disclose some of their trade secrets. Whenever I travel somewhere I use reddit, so here are some reddit threads that I thought were super helpful. I do always try out the things suggested on the threads to make sure they are worth it, thats the stuff that I type out for you, but maybe someone has posted about a super specific activity that YOU, dear reader, would like. I want you to have the chance to see it!

Geneva Musts, as determined by those who live there

Since Geneva is expensive, budget friendliness is important, especially with food. 


Coffee in Geneva

I think you can learn a lot about a city from the coffee shops there. Are they rustic and homey, serving the lattes in hodge-podge mugs? Is it cleanly decorated with white walls and prints, or is it filled with wooden accents and plants? In America we often just grab our coffee and go, but since I work in a coffee shop, I find myself spending about 50% of my time seeing what a coffee shop can say and do for a city.

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Basel, Switzerland


Basel was a great town! My parents have lived in Geneva, Switzerland for a few years and during that time, we had never been to Basel! It was really exciting to finally go, especially since I had heard it was a different vibe than in Geneva. I found that was totally true, it was grungy! I saw so many young and old couples with colored hair, bomber jackets, doc martins, and dark maroon lipstick (though that’s like high fashion now?). It was like a ritzy version of freaks and geeks. I definitely have future plans to go back there.

Okay my little travel tips. (1) Bring a camera with the right lens. I usually just bring my little nifty fifty when I travel because I want more room for scarves from Venice on the way back. Unfortunately, when I want to take landscape shots, I forget all about those scarves and just groan. Another thing, (2) pack only what you actually think you’re going to wear, and remember if you’re going to have a washing machine! I probably could have saved myself six pounds in my suitcase. Lastly, and this is something I’m planning on investing in and I don’t have yet, (3) get a Fitbit. Find some device that tracks your steps. I love long walks around the city, but then I have no way to track how far I’ve walked. Vacation doesn’t always leave time for four miles on the treadmill; using a Fitbit will help you feel better about the heavy fondue dinner you’re eating!