Cities on my radar

I’m thinking of making this a new series, just letting you guys know about what cities I’m currently feeling. When I get a little bug to travel, I try to have a few cities that are either drivable or cheap flight-able.

Vermont in general is on my radar. Who knows why, I just want to explore New England. Specifically Burlington. This city seems very cool, and I’m saying this based off the fact that they have a bike rental service and microbreweries. And honestly, sometimes that just does it for me. I think the ideal time to go here would be early fall when it’s not super cold yet and the colors would be fantastic.

Montreal. I guess I was bit by the Canada bug?? I was there for only a night and there were so many events going on. I would love to go back with just a little bit more time spent planning. If any of you guys are planning on heading to Montreal, be sure to check out this blog:

Reykjavik or just a nice road trip through Iceland. I have a friend there currently, and I’m just waiting to hear about the incredible views. I am not sure when I would be able to go, but I would definitely want it to be a three day or more trip.

Brooklyn. I have been to NYC a few times, but they have always been day trips where I’m with family or a friend who really wants to get that NYC FEEL. I wrote a post earlier about how I just don’t get it. I didn’t fall in love there, I just had a nice time. I would like to give it another chance because I mean its HUGE, I can definitely find a place there that I love.

San Francisco, wait after typing that out… I have to ask does San Cisco’s name have to do with that city? Whether or not it does, when I was in Quebec City my friend mentioned that it reminded her of San Fran. That sealed the deal. I was/still am set on a west coast trip. I would definitely want to go when it’s not incredibly summer, or whatever the off season is. You know me, I try to stay away from that tourist scene as much as possible.

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