Cathryn Takes Amsterdam

So as of right now I am currently in Lexington, Kentucky. I unfortunately cannot be constantly traveling. I do spend a ton of my time reading and researching for future trips that I will take, and for trips that my friends are going on so i am not uper bored staying in one city. I am super lucky to have friends traveling abroad- not only does it make my Snapchat and Instagram feeds so much better, it helps me to extend my ever growing list of things to do in every city in the world.

Now while I have been to Amsterdam it was over a year ago so my mind is a little fuzzy. So may I present to you..

Places I Remember Going To In Amsterdam, By Alyssa.

Here is my actual experience in Amsterdam: walking and wondering. It was so beautiful, like seriously the canals. The windmills. The houses. Every fairytale-like thing that I had dreamt about this city came true.

Coolest place we ate: DE CULINAIRE WERKPLAATS. This place is like a food lab. They put together menus based on a theme. When I went, I was lucky enough to experience the Van Gogh theme. I had to scrape chocolate off the walls for my dessert topping. Intrigued?














Coolest tourist attraction: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is probably one of my favorite museums. Before I went in, Johnny and I had a nice picnic outside. Then we spent about four hours looking at all the amazing modern art inside. Please, do not miss this museum.

And those are my inputs. Want more? Catie really delivered.

My friend Catie is currently studying in Oxford. And guess where it’s easy to travel to from Oxford? That’s right, Amsterdam (and yes, like everywhere else in Europe.) So just like I have given you my fast guides to cities, here is Catie’s take on Amsterdam.

Places You Need To See In Amsterdam, By Catie.

Thanks Catie’s photos!

-All the cheese museums by Bloemenmarket in Amsterdam. Literally you can fill up on cheese for free. And they have mini wines you can buy for cheap.

-There is a cat museum on a canal boathouse, De Poezenboot. Worth it for cats and if nothing else to go into a boathouse!

Thanks Catie’s photos!

– Tulip museum is cute and super cheap. Three euros for students and they don’t actually ask for your student card.

Thanks Catie’s photos!!
Thanks Catie’s photoooos!

– I was a big fan of walking through Vondelpark. very cute and relaxing and not too far from the Van Gogh museum.

– Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam is great for dinner time! It’s a distillery turned restaurant and fun to go to if only to take awesome photos.

– BEST PANCAKES EVER: de vier pilaren. it looks like a cheesy carnival ride but it is amazing!!!! super popular too. We stumbled upon it by accident but later found out it’s on a list of top places to get Nutella crepes.

To see more of Catie’s trips you can check out her Instagram HERE. Please prepare yourself for the wonderful things you will find there. As always, help a sista out and leave your favorite places to go in Amsterdam down in the comments!

This one is my photo, pinky promise.


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