Lyon: Coffee Guide

Okay, I’m in love with Lyon. I’m in love with France in general, most everything about France is amazing. The only thing I could say that is hard to find in France is… good coffee. All those adorable cafes you see with side walk seating? Yeah I don’t go there for quality espresso. Thats just people watching territory. So before I go to a city I research the best coffee shops. It is hard work to have to look at all the adorable coffee shops and drink all the coffee, but someone has to do it.

What you’re looking for:

A cozy place to do homework, maybe meet some people, or generally camp out for a while.

img_4591Tigre Café: The place is spacious so you don’t feel bad for being there multiple hours, it’s adorable and has plants, colorful cups, and little decals on the windows. The coffee here was really impressive, I had a latte and John ordered just a solo espresso. Also it seemed to have a big english speaking population, there were always people there talking in multiple languages. The baristas were also super willing to speak french with Johnny and I even though we weren’t perfect.

What you’re look for:

Incredibly interesting decor, maybe some local designers products, and great coffee and dessert.


Le Luminarium: Filled with quite a few beautiful bulbs hanging from the ceiling, this cafe is vieux Lyon was exactly what I needed to find after exploring in the cold for a few hours. The cafe felt so cozy, it was filled with warm inviting light, and what’s incredible is that you can actually buy lighting similar to the café’s right there in the shop. They also feature handmade jewelry and leather products from a group of Lyon Etsy shops. The coffee there was made by my favorite roasters, Mokxa which we also found in so many other café’s (like over 70)

What you’re looking for:

You want to feel like you are having fun, maybe have a little breakfast,


La boite a cafe: This cafe was located in Croix Rousse, a hip part of Lyon. Right now, go check out their Instagram story because I’m sure it’s full of them joking around, pouring incredible latte art, and genuinely enjoying their job. Not only is the coffee here super incredible, the people who work there are really nice! It was great going there almost every day before class. I remember sitting there and watching the barista’s doing a coffee tasting and thinking that I just wanted to join in! If you are coming here in the winter, just know there are limited seats inside- come early if you want to stay a while.

What you’re looking for:

An art gallery and a coffee shop, sweetly crafted into one area for you.

Slika: This modern art gallery also stocks the Mokxa espresso that I spoke about earlier. Another place thats great for homework, with its free wifi and relaxed atmosphere, you won’t feel stressed to leave so a table can open up. The barista is also incredibly welcoming, talking in french and some english to every one who comes in.

You want to spite me and find a great coffee shop that I have not heard of,

Then OH MY GOSH please do! I fully intend to return to Lyon, so please tell me how you find this cafe and what type of espresso they have. I beg of you.

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9 thoughts on “Lyon: Coffee Guide”

  1. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did! You mentioned a couple of my favourite coffee places as well as some new ones for me to try. I’ve been living here for nearly 2 months so here are my recommendations from what I’ve found so far:
    Konditori on rue Paul Bert in the Part Dieu area also serves Moxka coffee and has excellent batistas as well as excellent food and the best brunch.
    Les Cafetiers, which is just off the main shopping street, is one of my new favourites. They serve speciality locally roasted coffee and it’s a great spot for pretty much any mood.
    This one isn’t specifically coffee related but if your partial to a great cup of tea (they have an extensive tea menu) and delicious food and dessert in a really cute spot, then you have to check out Torü in Croix Rousse.
    I’ve also heard that there’s a really good coffee shop in the Away Hostel so that’s next on my list to check out!


    1. Thank you so much!! I’m writing down all your recommendations- especially the place that you said has the best brunch! I also have a definite love for tea so thanks for recommending a tea room.

      The Away hostel blew my mind with how cool it is. Stay tuned, I’ve got a post coming up soon about that place!


    1. I heard of those places! Wow, someone tell Puzzle they have a fan club, haha. I just keep having a longer and longer list for when I go back! Thank you so much for letting me know about them (:


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