MAAN Coffee

Have you ever seen a post from me about hiking? No. Will you? Maybe? Does this mean I don’t like nature? NO. I love nature and plants and trees and being outside. I just find myself liking to be inside a lot too. So here in Beijing, we have this incredible chain called MAAN coffee. It could be in all of China, it could be in all of Asia! I have no idea, what I do know though is that it has the perfect atmosphere for when I want to be in a cafe that feels like I’m in a woodland fairies house.

I’m sure we have all had that feeling right, like if only we knew what fairies lived like. I feel like I know now. This coffee shop is only a five minute walk from my apartment and is so cozy. The two story cafe has several trees inside it, giant chandeliers, hanging lanterns, and huge book shelves. Add in many wooden tables and chairs, a few secluded nooks, and giant windows letting the natural light in, and you have yourself a woodland fairy house. MAAN cafe has many locations, at this time I have only been to one, so I don’t know if they are all this grand. It has quite a large selection of coffee and non-coffee drinks, along with delicious looking foods.

Johnny and I started out with a latte and vanilla latte. The vanilla some how blew my mind, mainly because it wasn’t the same vanilla flavor that Starbucks uses I guess? It was almost marshmallowy? The plain later was okay, but it didn’t have great espresso. It almost tasted like maybe it had a flavor in it? There are still a lot of questions here. In our next round of drinks we went for a matcha latte, Johnny’s new favorite thing to order, and a cloud coffee. The cloud coffee is their specialty coffee, it seems like maybe it’s a nitro cold brew? I really like it, it’s pretty smooth.

The cloud coffee gives me a perfect chance to brag on the kindness of the Chinese people I have interacted with. I ordered the matcha latte in Chinese fine, but I didn’t know how to say cloud coffee, so the guys helping me gave me his phone to rake a photo of the menu item. Like how NICE, he gave me his phone to do that! I just have been blown away by the kindness of everyone here. We had received help like that a lot, people just doing everything they can to help us. It’s amazing.

Anyway, MAAN coffee is definitely worth the visit if only for the amazing atmosphere. The location on the edge of Beixiaohe Park in Wangjing is the one Johnny and I go to. If you have any more coffee recs PLEASE drop them by us. Also, I know its been two coffee shop reviews, with no other info. I understand! It’s just a busy month here. I have a few other posts planned, and then a trip to Seoul and Tianjin planned for the next two weekends. So expect a lot of fun content on those too!

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