A very non-detailed packing list for Beijing

Okay so there are a million of these for every location. I want to write about what I brought that might be a little unique to the situation of MOVING here, not just a two week trip or something.

Bedroom Stuff

I brought my duvet, duvet cover, queen size sheets and pillow cases. All I knew when I was coming here is that there was an ikea, but that fitted sheets were not common. I took matters into my own hands and decided to bring my duvet and cover, which I love, and I bought a cheap set of white sheets. I still made it under the fifty pounds rule, even though it was difficult. Just so you know, depending on when you are moving the heat might not be on. Beijing has a heating season, meaning if it gets cold outside of heating season or before it starts, you are going to be COLD. Some places have more heaters than others, but it’s not common.

I didn’t bring pillows though. I needed one desperately when I headed to the super market with Johnny. There was only one pillow available, so I shoved my sweaters into my pillow case and slept that way. We ended up buying another pillow from IKEA.

Bathroom Stuff

I brought face wash from soap and glory, two sets of liquid shampoo and conditioner from OGX, and TON of solid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and face washes from LUSH. I have seen American brands around, like Pantene and OGX but they are about double or triple the price. I also recommend SOLID ones because they can go in your carry on so when you head out on small trips you don’t need a liquids bag! Also protect the environment ya’ll.

Once I was here I pretty much only needed to buy a towel, and I was told they only sell normal sized towels in MINISO. NOT TRUE. They have them other places like Ikea and Carrefore. I didn’t bring a hair dryer or any other electrical hair item. I have a good amount of hair so I did buy a hair dyer eventually and it was 30 USD but it works well.

Shoe choices

I brought five pairs of shoes. Two walking sneakers, fancy summer shoes, fancy winder shoes, and running shoes. One I got here, I bought inside shoes for my job, inside shoes for my bathroom, and slippers for my house. I STILL feel like I am missing quick slip on shoes for going outside. If you are going to be in Beijing in the summer, I think you should get a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes that you can slip on. Like birkenstocks. I honestly never thought they were dorky, I have always wanted a pair. Live since seventh grade. And I’m twenty four. (guys I finally bought myself some!)

Living Room Things

I didn’t bring anything for this. I just brought pictures for my walls and washi tape. Since being here I have bought six plants (one is currently dying I think, we don’t have a lot of sunlight in our place), two oil diffusers and one candle. I haven’t lit the candle.

Technical stuff

You need a vpn, and you need to pay for it. ExpressVPN is the best one in my opinion. Johnny bought Vyper VPN but it has proven itself not worth being slightly cheaper. We also have two saunorch travel adaptors that we take with us everywhere. I would recommend you get one or two so you can have them in different areas. I also suggest you get a SMALL portable charger. I am going to stress the small one because some airlines do not allow lithium batteries of a certain size on their planes. I have experienced it while traveling around a few places here, even when they are small they take them out of your bags an inspect them.

What else do you consider an essential when moving to a a new country? I would love to hear your thoughts. Also would you want a detailed version of my packing list? Let me know!

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