Impromptu Canada Trip!

When you have a full time job, rent, and a weekly schedule that you’re used to, it can be hard to break the routine. So I was planning an extremely safe trip Canada several months in advance when my friend asked if we could go in three weeks.


I mean, of course I said yes. Then I realized what that meant: I had to figure out when i could get off work, which cool airbnbs are left, how long does it take to drive, what festivals are going on! I was lucky to have started doing research, but still.

We made it happen though. So welcome to September, the month of CANADA.

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Look forward to a post about road trips! What to bring for snacks and drinks, the best music and podcasts, the views and how I think Canada is nailing safe driving.

quebec - 26 of 41

The importance of stopping and taking a moment to enjoy yourself while on a trip, and how an island here helped us do just that. Bonus Track: This one comes with a playlist!!

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My weekend itinerary, the neighborhoods I think are the best and too many photos of our Airbnb. And of course a million facts and tiny stories about Canada, Quebec City, Montreal, friendly travelers, being brave with language borders, and what food you have to eat here.



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